Lost Crusade : Sector 62

quick links to resources for everyone in Sector 62:

Lost Crusade S62 Discord Group

Lost Crusade S62 Discord Sector Chat Channel


If you're in a smaller alliance, now would be a great time to move up.  Maybe consolidate with your neighbors. 

The more active you look, the less likely you'll be seen as "dead weight".   And there will be a lot of rather dangerous players hunting for dead weight.

Not saying that just looking active will keep you being hit, but in general most of the "dangerous" players want the sector to grow, and are much less likely to hit you (or at least hit you hard)  if it looks like you're active and working on growing.    Last think most want to do is get people so discouraged they quit.  OTOH if it looks like you haven't been actively trying to improve so your barge is effectively abandoned...

more to come

Any alliance that wishes to have their own page, like http://sector62.com/IMG/ , is welcome to do so.

My only request would be to keep the content roughly PG-13ish, and be aware that there will be NO "secrecy" or fancy stuff, i.e. you get to provide some static HTML / images / etc which ANYONE in the sector would be able to see. But if you want something private, you can always add a link (like the link to IMG's Discord group on our page) to something hosted elsewhere.

Finally, this home page is VERY MUCH a simple work-in-progress placeholder. Anyone with some decent HTML / web design chops interested in helping making it nicer, PM me in game ([IMG] Relwof)

This is site is "for the greater good" of Sector 62, as a resource available to all alliances regardless of any rivalry with IMG